New Moon Massage  - Stephanie Davis
Classes and Workshops
Journey Through Your Chakras
Joina sacred circle of women and take part in learning how to support your own health and wellness by understanding your chakra system.
Together we will identify and understand what a chakra is, how they effect our health, feelings and thoughts. How to identify if your chakras are balanced and ways to support your chakra system. 
With each chakra we will explore how smell, stones, color, sound and movement can create balance.  We will also, do creative visualization, meditation, and journal.
Space is limited, so please contact me today to hold your spot.
You will receive handouts, CD's, aromatherapy, energy work and plenty of fun Scared Stuff :)
Classes meet Wednesdays TBA
at my office downtown
67 Pearl Street
Burlington, VT 05401
email me with questions
Yoga Series in sorry!
Massage and Yoga on-the-go
Having a party or wanting to give a creative gift?  I will come to you to do single, couple or small group massage. This time shared with family and friends will be a forever cherished event!
Chair massage available for larger groups and corporate functions. 
Also, I am happy to offer yoga in your space or specific to your function.
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