New Moon Massage  - Stephanie Davis
Massage & Energy Therapy
Come in relax, unwind, tell me how you are, breathe, and I will take care of the rest.  Most sessions I will combine a bit of energy work with massage, it varies depending on what your needs are and how you are feeling or wish to be feeling.
Often times we are so caught up in our day to day life that we hardly breathe, we hold so much anxiety in our body, and seem to put our heads down to get through our day.  Over time this lifestyle will catch up to us and our body will be screaming for change.
This is where I come in to play. It is my job to provide a safe and sacred space for you to simply be YOU...imagine.  You will find that as you relax and I massage there will be almost a dance of energy between you and I. Your muscles and tissues will let me know where to go next.  Throughout your massage and/or energy session your body will be able to release stagnant energy and energetic blocks, allowing new life energy in, to promote and support healing.
Massage & Energy Therapy Rates
Prenatal Massage
1 Hour Massage $70.00
(allows for an introduction to massage or energy session)
75 Minute Massage $85.00
(a better choice to promote relaxation and healing)
1 1/2 hour Massage $100.00
(the majority of my clients will settle for nothing less)
                                                       2 hour Massage $150.00
                                          (really?  YES! This is where the magic happens and you will be so THANKFUL you made this appointment!)
Prenatal Massage: Feel safe and be cared for during your pregancy. I was certified in Prenatal massage on 2003, have had my own child and continue to develop amazing relationships with women during their journey into motherhood.  In fact...I have even been known to come in last minute (when needed) while my client is laboring to help ground, reassure, and relax her. 
Healing Touch and Reiki Energy sessions are the core to our inner balance.  It is amazing to witness time and time again how my clients release emotional and energetic baggage, feel connected to their inner self and how truly deep and sacred this work is.  If you are new to it and want to have a taste during one of your massage sessions, please let me know and book at least 75 minutes.
Energy Work mixed with Massage Therapy is truly the BEST of both worlds, simply divine. This is my personal gift and art.  A blend of physical massage with energy work will put you in total bliss.  Trust me, my clients request this time and time again. 
With this work I will use a pendulum and laying on of hands to work with your energetic field.  We can spend time discussing what your experience was after your session.  If you would like to dive a bit deeper into this world of energy I would love to work with you in private sessions to help facilitate your own vibrant health!
Holistic Health Coaching
"Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you will get you where you want to go, no one else." -Les Brown
Have you been wanting to feel better?
Wishing you had more energy?
Wanting to be fitter and healthier?
Suffering from headaches, stomach aches or joint discomfort?
Unable to make life decisions or feeling like you are stuck in an emotional or professional rut?
Wishing you knew where to begin with all of the "Healthy Information" available?
If you have answered "YES" to any or all of these, we should talk!
Now is the time for you to take control of your life, your cravings, and wake up feeling in love with your life, instead of feeling like you are just trying to keep up with it.
As your Holistic Health Coach, I offer you 12 private, custom, creative and fun sessions. This is a program that will focus on you as a whole -body, mind, career, relationships, physical activity, chakra system and food.  Together we will dig deep, have fun and allow your inner bliss and light shine brightly!
You will learn:
The HIDDEN culprits that are keeping you in a vicious cycle of cravings
What, when and how to prepare WHOLE FOODS that taste yummy
How to BOOST your energy levels
Understand what makes you GLOW from the inside to the outside.
It is my job to guide you through these 12 sessions knowing that you ultimately have the inner wisdom necessary to heal.  I act as your guide and mirror offering you tools, techniques, and space to really understand your own fabulous self. 
We have directions on how to work everything in our life. But, when it comes to knowing what we need as we change and grow, sometimes we need a coach to step in, pave a path to health and happiness, outline changes that will only help you, cheer you on, offer suggestions and provide a space to watch your own beautiful magic unfold.
This program is for you IF you ARE:
 ~100% committed to redirecting your health
~Take FULL responsibility for your OWN happiness
~COACHABLE and OPEN to new ideas,  foods, and ways of looking at things
~Know that now is the time, life is happening now and you believe yours can be FABULOUS!
So, I wish that I could wave my magic wand and get you to where you want to be NOW, but that isn't possible. I am here to guide you and help you create a healthier you.  With that being said I am here to work with you, but do reserve the right to choose who I work with.
We can meet weekly or every other week. You decide which will work best for my office, over the phone or using face time. In between our meetings I will be available through email for questions, concerns, and support!  Oh, did I mention I will be giving a tons of goodies to help you along in this journey?
Also, it is important to know that what separates me from other health coaches is that I am a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Energy practitioner...I see the WHOLE picture and work with you on various levels that many are not able to offer.
Each session will last 45-60 minutes and will cost $150 a total of $1800 for 12 sessions. Want to include a massage into your sessions?  That would be totally fabulou, healing and healthy.  I will happily take 20% off each massage scheduled during your program.
If you pay for all 12 sessions you will receive $600 off of the entire program!
*Payment plans are available*
If you have further questions about this program or want to set up your free 30 minute consultation, contact me today!
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