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On Guard Essential Oil Blend Vs Bacteria and Viruses
Staying Grounded
October Super Moom
New Years and Letting Go


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Greetings Beauties!

Many of you ask what do I do for self care and how do I stay balanced?  Well let me be the first to say my life is FAR from a white picket fence! :) But, you know what?  I do think that most days it's pretty damn great!  With that being said, it takes constant intention, creating boundaries and self care to keep myself in a place that is well and vibrant enough to support you in your self discoveries and journeys.

I have  daily self care rituals that allow me to stay grounded, centered, connected to spirit/self/soul and inspired.

On Guard Essential Oil Blend Vs Bacteria and Viruses

Ok so I am ....a lot of things!  One of them is an essential oil junkie- think I've shared this before :) Recently I read a perfect description of what essential oils are " Nature's Antibiotics". I could get into the nitty gritty details about how and why- however I tend to be a BIG PICTURE gal- so I'll give a nice overview.

Here are some properties of essential oils:
- anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-septic
-stimulate the immune system

Staying Grounded


Halloween behind us and full throttle forward with many holidays fast approaching!  How are YOU going to stay present, healthy and balanced this season?  The days are growing shorter, temperatures are dropping- soon enough snowflakes will be, too!

For me staying grounded and rooted is essential to my wellbeing and my families....because "If Mama isn't happy, nobody is happy".

So for me my daily sadhana practice is non-negotiable.  I am still playing with the timing of when I begin.

October Super Moom

Super Moon

Where to begin? How about some personal musings... I love the fact that my mother called the eve of the full moon around 7:30 PM (which is late for us).  She called to remind me of the moon and her fullness glowing in the sky. She suggested I get out there and look at it and to remember that she and I both truly feel the effects of Lady Luna. So as any good daughter would, I dragged my son, husband and dog outside and walked towards the river allowing us to see and breathe her in from over the treetops.

New Years and Letting Go

Greetings Beautiful Souls-

Lots of talk around New Years Resolutions seem to be spinning around and around my reality.  As I reflect on my New Year, I realize that I didn't "make "a" or "many" resolutions for this New Year.  I did consciously "let go" of multiple things.  This in itself took time, breathe, feelings, exploring and inner digging to see what was truly going on inside this thing called  life :) 

Letting go.  What does this mean to you?