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chakra class

Journey Through your Chakras

Journey Through Your Chakras

Join a small group of women to take a personal journey through your chakra system.  Together we will:
~identify and understand the 7 major chakras 

~how to evaluate if they are in balance

~learn various techniques to support them

~understand how they effect our overall well-being and health

Through each chakra we will explore using: aromatherapy, stones, color, sound, creative visualizations, meditations, and affirmations.

I invite you to carve out time in your busy life to join this 7 week class, learn about alternative health and have tons of self care.

As part of this course you will bring home plenty of goodies such as, aromatherapy, CD's, jewelry, and some "sacred stuff" :)

Space is very limited so please contact me today to reserve your spot.

Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 PM
April 18th- May 30th
at my office, downtown Burlington
67 Pearl Street
Cost: $140
Feel free to contact me with any questions and please pass info on to friends and family!

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