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Big Giant Welcome,

Chances are that your curiosity drew you to Stephanie Davis Healing Studio with a desire to improve and heal yourself physically, mentally and/or spiritually. Whatever your motivation I am prepared to guide you through your personal journey that will 
transform your life in spectacular ways.

My practice began and blossomed as a Energy Worker and Massage Therapist over 20 years ago. It was clear early on that I was tapping into deeper realms with most clients.   Nothing makes me happier than when a client ends their treatment with,  "Are you a good witch?" or "I don't know where I just was or what you just did, but things are different, I needed that and I'm coming back for more." 

Let me ask you some questions. Do you feel that your life is balanced? Are you rocking your professional world and simply surviving in your personal or vice versa? Do you question what the purpose of this thing called life is? Do you wonder if this is as good as it gets? Do you push yourself beyond healthy limits? Are you reliving similar unhealthy patterns in life and within relationships over and over again? Are you looking to heal and live life in the healthiest and happiest way possible?  Finally, do you feel you  are in flow with Universal Love?  


If any of these questions resemble thoughts that have crossed your mind, I am here for you. This is my favorite mantra and trust me, I have to work with if frequently..."ONLY LOVE IS REAL"  You are here to in this lifetime to experience Unconditional Love, it truly is your birthright!  Yet, for so many of us somewhere along the way we were energetically derailed from our highest truth or lead to believe that we had to put everyone else first, that we aren't worthy, that we had to work harder, suck it up and deal with our pain. I am a lifelong student of holistic healing and continually rediscovering my own self love, returning to my own divine feminine, reconnecting to a spiritual life that works for me and with me. I continue to evolve and heal all aspects within myself and soul. Can you imagine how differently your world would look if you were able to tap into this energy, this remembering of trust, forgiveness and unconditional love?  It is all there, it always has been...somehow, somewhere we maybe just lost our connection to it, to Her.


 Modern Day Medicine Woman,

Intuitive, Life & Spiritual Coaching, 

 Priestess, Ancient Goddess Healing and Traditions, Massage Therapy & Energy Work

Through the Healing Arts of: spiritual and health coaching, flower essences, massage, crystal and energy therapy you will be making time for YOU to HEAL  body, mind and soul.  


I have joined forces with Young Living and I am providing the BEST Essential Oils! Want these plant allies to support you even more on your healing journey?  I am happy to assist you with choosing which oils or kits will be best suited for your personal needs.  Are you ready to change your life?  Click here to join my magical team!


"Keep looking to the Stars."

- Stephanie Davis 

Work with Me 1:1

This 6 month initiation is a sacred container that will allow you to be guided, witnessed, supported, and shine light onto your shadows, while diving deep into the mystery of the divine feminine.


Flower Essence & Coaching Session

Flower Essences, what are those? They are a vibrational form of botanical energy and what my teacher calls the "fast track" to healing. They are subtle but offer profoundly deep transformation by bringing subconscious or limiting beliefs to the surface to work with, heal and release.


I invite you to come in and experience a one of a kind healing session that will begin to transform your life! 
Your appointment will last approximately 90 minutes and will include a variety of modalities that may include: coaching, energy work, crystal therapy and massage therapy. Before you leave your appointment,  Stephanie will step into Creatrix mode and you will leave with your own unique blend of essences to take over the next 3 weeks. This is a fascinating combination of healing modalities that will literally change your life! 
If you are unable to travel to office for your visit, Stephanie is available to meet via phone and send you
your blend in the mail.


Individual Coaching Session

Work one-on-one with Stephanie to experience a breadth of her healing modalities that will heal and transform your life. Her modalities may include: coaching, energy work, crystal therapy and massage therapy. If you are unable to travel to office for your visit, Stephanie is available to meet via phone.


Healing Sessions

Your individual healing session is one way to honor your journey into wellness and relaxation. Customize your journey with Traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal and Post Partum, or Reflexology massage. 


(75 Minutes) 



(90 Minutes) 



(120 Minutes) 


Angel Intuitive Readings

Stephanie's readings are done remotely to help offer a service for those who are on the go or far away.





"You had the power all along, my dear."

- Glinda, The Good Witch 


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