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I am taking a leap of faith and answering the Call. I have been wanting to host a gathering of women each month for YEARS! After my personal Priestess Path journey and spending a long weekend in Shadow Work, it is clear that NOW is the time to step out, be vulnerable and shout out to all who are curious, needing support, searching for truth, being celebrated with and for, and wanting to connect with their own sort of tribe. I am here, my heart and arms are open, my space in Colchester will be ready to hold our sacred space and hear our own unique soul songs.

Red Tents typically meet on or near the New Moon. The next New Moon is Saturday March 17th.....so I am feeling that despite how exhausted many of us are at the end of our work week, I will set aside time in my office to gather FRIDAY MARCH 16TH from 6-7:30/8ish PM. I will provide tea and water and a super relaxing sacred space. You will need to wear comfy clothes (even pjs), journal and anything that makes you feel loved and comfortable. This is a space of sacred sisterhood, relaxation, soul nourishment. If this speaks to you I encourage you to reserve your spot now, space is limited. If you feel curious, but unsure I encourage you to sign up. I can't begin to explain the value and healing of having a group of women whom I gather with regularly has done to positively transform my entire life! I offer this to you...... Magic happens when women gather.

Contact me via text, email or phone to reserve YOUR space, trust me , you won't want to miss out out..

In Love and Fire,

Stephanie (to some otherwise known as as (Topaz)

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