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It’s that time of year, when we Fall back into rhythm (at least for me!) The summer was hot, fun, and fiery freedom from day to day schedules. Now school is in session, the weather is cooling down and my first yoga series begins tonight! It’s hard to believe that I am scheduling out until the end of December! I’m excited to announce a few new trainings I am involved with! In October I have the opportunity to train with a Shaman in Santa Fe for an entire week- I have never been away that long since Eli was born… and he’s 10! This is bound to be life changing as I learn and develop tools to further enhance my own healing and I’m excited to incorporate it with client healing as well. How this will look is still a mystery, but the excitement is palpable! I am knee deep in an intense training of learning Akashic Records. It’s intense and transformational. I have a couple more months of learning and then practice trainings before I will be able to offer this as a service to you, but this process is nothing short of fascinating. This is a modality that allows me to merge this 3D life with 5th dimensional energetic information that we all have access to, it’s simply a skill set that needs to be learned and practiced filled with so much information and some attunements. It blends all of my current skill sets together and feels like the icing on a decadent cake!! Can you tell I’m jumping for joy? I am also very involved with a second Priestess Path Mystery School of Divine Feminine Wisdom. This is my personal journey that has connected me with powerful healers and Sisterhood. I journey with my spirit guides and am unfolding layers of limiting beliefs exponentially. Next summer I will spend a week abroad visiting sacred sites of the Goddess and being initiated as a Priestess of Avalon. So what does this all mean.. well for starters, a day in my life is far from boring and many would say “not typical.” I’m getting comfortable with that. I am feeling more and more like myself and stepping boldly into my role as a healer and being of service to our community locally and I aspire to bring my teachings and gifts out to the world. We all have a journey here on this thing called earth, I’ve learned and accepted my specific role isn’t to play small, but to make changes

one person at a time and let that ripple effect take place. I am hoping to begin a monthly gathering for women again, but haven’t quite settled on how I’d like to proceed, but that is in the works. I envision a group of spiritual women coming together to learn and share with one another, open to whatever she believes, but with an emphasis on the moon and Goddess energy. I am still taking Massage clients and providing energy work. My Flower Essence clientele is growing with holistic coaching- you have to experience it and take your unique formula to know what I’m talking about. I hope that this finds you well and know that I think about all of you often. Peace and Love, Stephanie

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