• Stephanie

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more

painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-Anais Nin

The act of reclaiming my own divinity, ancient ways of Divine Feminine and Priestessing are what prompted this change and re-Branding.

With half of my life being dedicated to my own healing, trainings, skills in all things holistic, metaphysical and alternative -it is time to stop playing small and step into my own Goddess power so I can support other women as they venture to their own reclaiming and healing.

For far too long I have played small or danced within boundaries of status quo. Indiscovered something about myself, I like to make people comfortable. I also know that my innate psychic abilities, empathic downloads, witchiness and alternative healings can make some people quite uncomfortable. I realized that when someone begins to get judge or confused and perplexed with who I am, I will often brush off their insulting comments, put myself down, laugh at myself and make the conversation go away. Letting them feel like I’m the crazy one..... that story is old and no longer serving me or anyone else that I am here to serve.....

Because truly, what I am here to do is to be in service to others, especially women. My passion in life is being fully present seeing and hearomg my clients in a way that may feel foreign to them at first and yet there is a deep remembrance and longing for the way it once was. Lifetimes ago when we gathered in circle, raised our children together, bled together, danced and prayed together. This was the time before patriarchy and when the Goddess was respected.

I am excited to begin to share more about future offerings, trainings and services as my path reveals itself. For now, of course Massage and all other modalities are being offered and there is more to come!

Have a Blessed Day,


Enchanted Goddess Healing Arts

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