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Do you feel the Call?

Our container is officially open. I am calling in 7 women to join Sisters of the Sacred Flame. Together we will journey through the Wheel of the Year, celebrate phases of the moon, share in ritual, magic, journeying, learning and un-learning, deepening our own spirituality, be supported through flower essences, private online group for 24 hr. support, 1:1 coaching and so much more!

This is a Path you may already walk on and crave a place to belong with like minded souls. This may be new to you and yet you feel compelled to learn more about the ways of Priestess~Witch. In my experience many women will be drawn to these words and phrases when experiencing a deep REMEMBERING of this sacred Path. One that you walked along side of other women, your sisters, in lifetimes before. Your journey will be uniquely your own and created by your needs and desires.

We are holding so much as women in todays society. We have been disconnected from one another and taught we are in competition with each other. The Divine Feminine energy is here for us to learn and grow from. Although ancient in our bones and DNA it is a new way of living and learning. We can lean on each other, laugh, play, dance, cry, mourn, and expand. Together we are better. Together we can heal ourselves, family, community and change the world. So much magic happens when women join in circle together.

We will meet online which is wonderful and freeing. If you aren't able to make our group calls live they will be there for you when the time is right. We will meet for the 8 Sabbats, have custom flower essences for each one. On new and full moons we will gather and share in journey and ritual and magic. Much of this container is fluid to flow with our unique group and the seasons and moon phases will be our back bone as we grow together. I will be accessible to you throughout each week when you need support and guidance or simply a friend to lean on. This is a mentorship, you are my students and because of this you will have access to me that isn't available to anyone else to support, guide, and cheer you on.

Let's make magic!

Group ritual and calls for 8 Sabbats (holy-days)

1:1 coaching each month

Custom flower essence blends

Mystical crafts, creations and ways of living

Private FB Group

Mystery Trainings

Energy Exchange $1300

(payment plans available)

I look forward to walking with you and supporting you on this Sacred Path. Please contact me directly to book your interview for acceptance as soon as possible. This is a traditional year and a day initiation, we begin Feb 1st.

Blessed Be. xoxox

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