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Machete Rose

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

An intricate, complex and beautifully layered flower having her own self protection from her thorns.

In case you are ever curious about who I am and what I do, I am a lot like a rose. Complex, multi-layered, delicate, open, closed, and when I choose to be...a bit of a thorn:). Rose is also connected deeply within the Magdalene lineage. If you have spent any amount of time following me you know that Mary Magdalene and I have been developing and deepening our relationship, she pushes me to extremes.

I walk the Path of Priestess, I did not seek this path, it appeared. I just happened to be quiet enough to hear the Call and was brave enough to allow a remembering of all that has been living and hidden inside of myself. On this Path, I dove deep into the Mysteries and shadow sides. Luckily I have been beyond blessed over the past several years to have had opportunities to study under the most amazing Wise Women imaginable. My passion and soul‘s calling is to ignite your own inner flame to live out your soul's divine purpose. This is part of my Craft which deepens each and everyday.

So where did a machete come into play with this? In my dreams. I do a lot of work in my dreams and one of the more potent ones was being in Sisterhood with fellow Priestesses. We were concluding 2 weeks of intense learning and I was beginning to grieve our goodbyes. Togther we sat in circle and we were being gifted our unique medicine and healing. I was handed a piece of soft clay that had flowers etched on it. I was instructed to hold this clay and tune into its essence. As I aligned my energy to meet its energy I was given 5 seconds of powerful focus to receive the essence/medicine to move forward into the world. 5,4,3,2,1

"Machete Rose!" Machete Rose??? Just like like that I snap out of my sleep and am sitting up in bed wide-a-wake with "machete rose".

This is the sacred medicine that I am to bring into this world. A machete is a weapon that can bush whack deep into the jungle, cut down trees, create paths, protect and slay all that is no longer needed, it is a clearing of sorts. I now see the value and medicine of machete coming to me in a vision. I have spent a lifetime armoring my heart, the organ that keeps me alive and that allows me to feel. I have protected her from violations, lies and abuse. Machete is a tool that has the ability to trail blaze paths to and from my heart center. The landscape I have consciously overgrown and that was used to to hide, play small and protect my heart from pain that was too big to my heart to hold. Now I find myself in this threshold, that time and space between what I knew and trusted and that place of vulnerability and un-ease with the clearing of old and the discomfort of the un-familiar. I call on the machete to be strong, protect me and continue to slay all that is no longer serving my highest self.

The rose as I mentioned is the lineage of the Magdalene and the priestesses who came before and after her. There are many of us remembering this piece of our lineage that was silenced, almost destroyed and that they tried to bury. Never... did I ever.. dream that I would be initiated into the lineage of the Magdalene Rose, I didn't even know it existed or what Path I was on! I just new I had to continue to learn, grow and heal which lead me to "trust.” Now, I simply follow the thread of remembering and allow visions to enter, uncovering the deep forrest around my heart to find this precious rose that has always been there... so delicate, fierce and complex....to me that is the essence of the Path of the Rose, with Machete in hand. This is the Path of a fierce warrior-ess reclaiming the divine feminine, protecting, clearing, and balancing a world that is falsely thriving in conflict. The Path of the Rose is a journey into the depths of your soul and trailblazing to bring your unique medicine to this world, we need you! Together we will form a force of love and peace providing a new way that originates from our hearts and souls.

Do you remember? Are you ready to answer your own Soul's Call? The Path of the Magdalene Rose has been planted. Sit with this, pray and if you feel a flutter in your heart whisper that wants to say "yes"or a booming wild "hell yes"...reach out to me if you would like more information as this Path begins to open.....

Blessed Be,


PS- Im not a professional blogger and I expect errors in my steam of consciousness, so please over look the imperfections and allow the wisdom and the mysteries be the energy that you take or leave. xoxo

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