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Tending Your Inner Flame

Tending Your Inner Flame is a journey, to reconnect, release, remember, and heal deeply from within. Chances are high that your soul has been calling out to you, trying to grab your attention. When you are filling up your own uinique cup and taking time to connect spirit/soul to divine source enegry you are working with the universe, things just have a way of working out smoothly. When you are in an uphill battle tring to get through, willing your way, pushing your body, and depleting your energetic field, this is when illness and dis-ease creep in. When stress is high and immune systems are low, when your days seem darker and more difficult, we begin to question what our purpose is, what's the point, is this as good as it gets?

Or perhaps you suffer from the "if onlys".... if only you could lose 10 pounds, if only you got the promtotion, if only you had a new car, a new home, a new counter top, the newest purse and iphone... the list goes on. If you suffer from the "if onlys" and convince yourself that you just need to attain the latest material object and all will feel better or If only you get that next promotion, then you will experience happiness you will feel an instant high and feeling of peace, but how long does this truly last? A short time, at best.

Maybe you are a more of a giver of energy? You take care of everyone else around you, you give and give. You feel compelled to make someone else happy, it makes you feel needed, seen, wanted, it may give you purpose- giving is amazing, but giving until you you freak out with resentment or until your body screams to you, suffering from chronic illness is a way of life for you...... all of these are signs that you are starting to burn out, literally BURNING OUT YOUR FLAME.

Most of us were never taught about how to tend our flame, how to take care of ourselves and seek balance in all aspects of our lives. Trust me, I get it! I have burned both ends of my wick, I have freaked out, I have burnt out. I have also, made it my life mission to understand the body, mind and soul connection. I have spent the past 20 years learning and testing, trying and sometimes even failing. I have spent thondands of hours in trainings for myself and for you. I am here in this career because it makes me tick, it lights my fire. Guiding you, witnessing you, holding your space and together learning how to Tend to Your Inner Flame, that is nothing short of magic. Each one of you is as unique as your journey. I am able to work with you 1:1 as part small group "Tending Your Inner Flame" which launches May 6th. I invite you to take control of your life, to feel connected and live with purpose and pleasure. You are amazing, I'll help you see that, too.

So Much LOVE,


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