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Transition as the Wheel of the Year comes to a close

If you have followed me on social media for any length of time you probably noticed I live to the beat of my own drum. As we transition from summer to fall and fall into winter it can be unsettling, that in between stage of what season is it- will it be bright and sunny or dark and grey?

Its been several years that I have followed the Wheel of the Year, mainly sharing with friends from trainings I have been immersed in. This is officially the time of the year when the veils between worlds are thin, ancestors and spirits are close and easy to communicate with. It is the end of the year and with all endings there is space for reflection, sadness, and celebration as we know that we get to begin our new year on the other side of the closing year.

I write this with honesty, support from my spirit guides and even with a heavy heart. Aware that cycles in my own life have run their course and that the predictability and routine they provide can trigger fear within me as I walk my path and stand in the Mystery. Having questions without answers, ideas with out a clear vision, and finding peace in the uncertainty that our culture often chooses to bury and simply avoid.

One ritual I find extremely valuable is to create an ancestor altar, calling in the support from those who walked before us. I will leave an offering while sitting in meditation. This time carved out to simply be can allow our minds to slow down and their answers and guidance from Spirit to be heard.

As this year comes to a close, for me it is a time to get quiet, descend deep into my heart to hear my soul and be conscious of all of the energy that surrounds us.

Blessed Be.

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