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Red Tent Gathering at Amethyst Star Healing

I began hosting a Red Tent Circle a while back and put it on pause over the summer, for a variety of reasons. The obvious being it's summer in VT and I know its difficult to commit to plans during this season. I also knew I had to give myself space after hosting several successsful and fun gatherings to re-evaluate how this was feeling and what shifts were possinle for this intimate setting that I long to faciliate to be in alignment with my soul's expression.

You see as a people pleasing, intuitive and highly empathic woman- I can get lost energetically about where I am going and what my original intention was. I am leaving soon to go to the south west and train intensley with a shaman. I am hoping after a week saturated in journeying, circle, spirit communication and being with Gaia, I will have a clearer vision for how these circles will continue in the near future.

I am excited about all of the possibilities of what will present during my time in the high desert. I feel that this will be healing for me in deep karmic ways. I spent 2 weeks a year in the deserts of AZ visiting my father from 4th grade- 10th grade. These were some of the most confusing and bizzare times and truly unhappy, but I found solace in the Superstition Mountains and in the desert lanscape. I am excited to be going to Santa Fe to heal and release traumas from my past, to be in the desert with an intimate group of wise woman and eager to gather in circle.

Blessed Be....

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